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What is B-ROLL Footage?

Video Production Atlanta(Video Transcript) Hi, I’m Kris Simmons with 6 Strong Media.  In this video I want to talk about B-roll.  What is B-roll?  You know you’re not the first to probably wonder what the heck is that term. 

We have clients all the time that say okay we’re reading these materials and this proposal but what the heck is B-roll.  I’m going to tell you.  B-roll is the footage that doesn’t involve either an on camera talent or an interview face being on the screen.

B-roll is what you see while you are hearing something else and that could be in the form of footage of your plant, of your office, of your facilities.  It could be helicopter fly-bys, all kinds of crazy stuff.

You know A-roll, which is where kind of B-roll came, A-roll again is when that person is on the camera either as an on camera talent like I’m doing right now or an on camera interview with your executives with your customers, etc.

So whenever you’re planning a marketing video production think about what are those images?  What is that footage that you want to feature in addition to the narration, to the on camera talent or to the interview footage?

In some cases during the video script writing process it’s going to help reveal what that B-roll footage needs to be.

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